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Landscapes are one of the most popular forms of art photography. In addition, landscape photographs have all sorts of practical applications in the business world and private life. Advertising companies, for example, might take a landscape shot to showcase how nice their client's paving stones look when installed and real estate agents might have a landscape shot taken of a home to put in the advertisement. If you need to do a landscape shot for any reason, this guide will help you take a good one.

Landscapes are necessarily taken outdoors and are almost always done with the camera oriented horizontally so as to capture a wider section of the environment. A landscape can be shot with almost any camera, whether it's a cheap digital or an expensive film SLR model. If the photo is for a catalog or real estate ad, your Burlington, Ontario real estate agent might already have equipment that you can use to take your landscape photograph.

The most important thing about taking a landscape photograph is that the conditions be right. Since landscapes are shot outside, sometimes this means hours, days, or even weeks and months of waiting for Mother Nature to provide the ideal conditions. In the case of time sensitive projects like photographing houses for sale in Mississauga, you may not have the luxury of waiting long, so you may have to accept that snow will be covering some of the lawn or that the weather is foggy.

Lighting is often a challenge when taking a landscape photograph. Because of the distances involved between the camera's lens and the objects being photographed, a flash is useless. You can't rely on artificial light to improve your conditions, so if the sun's light is dimmed by cloud cover or shadows from other buildings, you will have to increase your F Stop to maximum and increase your exposure time so the Ajax houses you're trying to shoot will actually show up in the photograph. Many cameras will do this automatically.

Automatic cameras sometimes have their own mode settings. To get optimal performance out of your camera when you're shooting a property for sale in Toronto, set the camera to landscape mode, which will set the auto focus on distant objects. To prevent blurring in low light, you should also use a tripod which will keep the camera steady. If using film instead of digital, buying higher speed film (for example, 400 instead of 100) will help make up for the lack of extra light from a flash.

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