Instant Film Cameras - Immediate Photographs of Your Terrific Bay Street Condos, Toronto Landscaping, BC Cabin Rentals, and More

Instant Film Cameras - Immediate Photographs of Your Terrific Bay Street Condos, Toronto Landscaping, BC Cabin Rentals, and More

In the beginning of the digital age, all film cameras including the instant camera, were going the way of the dinosaur as more and more people jumped at the chance to view and edit their photos on their computers. However, shortly afterward nostalgia struck and enough people jumped off the digital bandwagon and started buying vintage cameras from the second hand shops down the street from their terrific Bay Street condos that camera manufacturers were able to resume production of their film and even their instant cameras. If you're looking for a new way to explore photography, try instant.

Though cameras with portable darkrooms attached to develop film existed as early as 1923, they were approximately the size of a dressage barn in London, Ontario and therefore not really very useful. The first real instant camera was not invented until 1948 when a scientist named Edwin Land got tired of his daughter asking why she couldn't see his photographs yet.

The earliest types of instant camera used roll film which came on two spools, one positive and one negative, both of which were loaded into the camera. Later, more easily installed pack film became the norm. This is the most commonly thought of instant film, where you pull the photo you took of landscaping in Toronto out of the camera and watch it develop. The earliest type of pack film had a developer coating that had to be peeled away once the image had appeared to prevent overdeveloping.

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Most people think only of the standard square film - the Polaroid Spectra variety, but there were cameras that used smaller 500 Series film and also some fun sized cameras like the I-zone, which used tiny sticker paper film. Though you can buy these old cameras easily at second hand shops next to the cloth diapers, the difficulty is often in getting film for them because in many cases the company has stopped producing it, so often people with instant cameras will jealously guard their film.

If you want to buy a new instant camera before you head out to look for cabin rentals in BC, you have two options: a Polaroid 300 series instant camera, which the company still manufactures film for, or a Fujifilm Instax 100 or 3000 series camera, for which that company still makes film. If you want to buy an old camera, you will have to go through the Impossible Project group, who reproducing and selling old types of instant film from their home in the Netherlands.

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