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Choosing the right camera is going to be all about what you're planning to take pictures of and what you'd like to do with those images. If you're the type of person who simply likes to capture moments like holidays and parties from inside the Etobicoke houses in you're community than you're likely going to be looking for a camera design that is quite different from someone who makes their living visiting exotic and beautiful locations from China to PEI luxury cottage rentals as a photojournalist. Here are some of the main camera types available on the market today and whom they are best suited for.

Point and shoot is the most popular kind of camera and suits most people's needs. It does what the name implies and now with advancing technology in digital imaging it is possible to get a near crystal clear final product when taking still photos at a reasonably close range. If you were hosting a summer family barbecue in the backyard of your Markham Ontario real estate this will most likely give you everything you're looking for.

With most point and shoot cameras you are given the option to set up for a number of different picture scenarios. There is usually a setting for outdoors, indoors, landscapes, portraits, and nighttime shots. But you are generally not able to mix these things together for a combo effect. You might also be given the chance to do some interesting extras with your camera like create black and white pictures or take up to three photos in immediate succession. These cameras range from about one hundred dollars up to as much as five hundred.

If you're someone who works as a Brampton mortgage broker, for example, during the day but considers yourself an amateur photographer on your spare time than you might be looking for something with a few more bells and whistles than a regular point and shoot can offer. There are some sort of hybrids that are somewhere between this and a standard SLR camera. They offer the option to control all of the aspects of the photo or you can set them up to operate like a P&S.

The best cameras are the ones that require you do the most work. SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex and means that you can control the aperture and shutter speed. You can also use many different lenses that offer various levels of magnification. If you were working for an employment insurance refund company and needed to take extremely detailed photos this would be the answer. It is also great for those that want to document every last image from their vacation. This is a professional grade camera and usually comes with a backpack full of parts and big prices. So it's really only for those that really adore taking pictures.

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